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Ante M is the ethereal pop, alternative folk/pop band fronted by singer-songwriter Marie McGilvray. The music offers a cinematic landscape of spacious, captivating arrangements with luscious melodies. Marie's buttery, soulful vocals comfort and console while her lyrics surprise, intrigue and reach listeners' innermost spaces. She is known to appeal to creative, adventurous, trend-bending, beauty-loving music and art fans. 

Marie has been writing and performing her mysterious music since her early teens.  The latest Ante M release, Solitary World, is a song collection that explores both sides of being human: the physical world in which life is temporary, finite, mortal; the realm in which we win and lose, we make mistakes and are triumphant, we are emotional, we need. We can experience being alone, Solitary. There's also the realm of Spirit that is all around us and within us; the realm in which we are eternal, infinite, immortal, whole and complete; where we are connected to Life and each other. We are all One, Solitary

Produced by Mark Ephraim (Neko Case, the New Pornographers, Ed Vallance), Solitary World features an all-star cast of Parker Kindred on drums (Antony and the Johnsons, Joan as Policewoman, Jeff Buckley), Tyler Wood on Moog and keys (Chester French, Joan as Policewoman) and Simon Shippey on guitars (Ed Vallance, Custom Blue). 

Digital and Physical copies available for purchase now! Click here for more info. 

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