Simple Things

Marie McGilvray


"A great silent space holds all of nature in its embrace. It also holds you". Eckhart Tolle


This song was inspired by the simplicity and beauty of a snow-laden winter day. 


Written and performed by Marie McGilvray of Ante M.

Recorded by Maggie B.  Upright bass by Steph Dickinson. 


Simple things always make me feel I’m home

Nature’s confetti as the clouds put on their show

Delicate, intricate, celibate

Flakes of white, white snow


Empty branches dancing naked in the cold

Hundreds connected by the deepest roots below

Symmetry, gallantry, poetry

In this wise, wise oak


Simple things always make me feel

Clarity, enormity, ambiguity of what is, and what might be

In this wide, wide hope            

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